Is space tourism on the rise?

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Ground control to Elon Musk

Heading into the new year, we all set goals in the form of resolutions and Elon Musk is no different. The CEO of the private company SpaceX has committed to 52 missions to outer space in 2022. It’s a big target but the company has proven it can achieve new heights, successfully completing 31 launches in 2021, up from 26 the year before. 

All of the new targets set by Musk are building towards one, and by no means easy end goal – to make life multi-planetary. That’s right, the business magnate and tech entrepreneur started SpaceX in the hopes of establishing human life on other planets, like Mars. Keeping to his commitment to sustainability, the Tesla CEO is aiming to develop reusable transport that can take up to 100 people to the Red Planet.

Already Musk has managed to build reusable rockets which dramatically reduce the price of a launch to under $30 million, well below the average price of $60 to $90 million. It’s not the first time SpaceX has made history, the aerospace company also launched the first-ever all-civilian crew spaceflight last year. 

Do we have a mainstream liftoff?

From Richard Branson and Jeff Besos to William Shatner, more and more of the world’s rich and famous are travelling into outer space. After launching successful flights into orbit, Bezos’s Blue Origin and Branson’s Virgin Galactic all announced intentions to kick start regular missions with tourists in 2022.

The commercial enterprise will let lucky…or terrified tourists a chance to experience the wonders of space. But tickets to space don’t come cheap. Virgin Galactic’s asking price for tickets aboard SpaceShipTwo were over $600,000. While SpaceX flights to the International Space Station this year are reported to have gone for $77 million. 

Key Takeaways:

  • For big spenders, property is not the only major investment getting their attention. In a diverse market it’s good to know what other dreams buyers are aspiring to. 
  • As space becomes more accessible so does the appeal of clear skies for buyers. Keep on the lookout for views that show off the stars, and for the right property – think about doing a tour at night. 

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